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High Quality Summer Lycra Fabirc Men Ciclismo Camping Climb Arm Sleeves Women Bike Bicycle Cuff

Fishing Golf UV Protective Oversleeve GYM Arm Warmer Sleevelet


1)Sunscreen UV protection
Professional testing, effective UV protection. Exercise in strong sunlight to protect the skin.

2)Stitching process
Flat and smooth splicing process, flat and high strength. Not dropped without distortion.

3)Ice silk fabric
Cool down, absorb sweat and breathe during summer sports. Reduce exercise stress, let the body maintain a comfortable temperature

Size:Men=Women= unisex

One order=2 pieces=1 pairs






Additional information


Men, Unisex

Item Length


Model Number

arm sleeve




Cycling, basketball, climbing, sport, GYM


S, M, L, XL, XXL

Feature 1

Breathable.quick dry




Sports Safety Arm Warmers


As picture

Sleeve Style



Sun protection

Feature 2

Sunscreen, Protective arm

143 reviews for ZAATORAâ„¢ Arm Protection Running, Fishing and C...

  1. C***p

    Seller finished the purchase and the product never arrived

    Color: 7 Size: L

  2. J***s

    Color: 6 Size: L

  3. Bridal Shopper

    Great material I recommend arrived on time

    Color: 6 Size: M

  4. k***a

    Color: 4 Size: M

  5. n***n

    Color: 1 Size: L

  6. r***b

    i love it fit in my arms

    Color: 7 Size: M

  7. Y***v

    Color: 13 Size: XL

  8. P***o

    Very good, no fine but warm

    Color: 1 Size: XL

  9. T***a

    Color: 7 Size: L

  10. E***o

    Color: 3 Size: M

  11. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 7 Size: M

  12. J***o

    Color: 1 Size: XL

  13. C***a

    good product

    Color: 7 Size: S

  14. P***s

    Good product

    Color: 2 Size: XL

  15. P***P

    3 stars for not separate 2 items non silicon sleeve,with silicon strips?
    Order silicon strips but got without silicon strips
    Item not described

    Color: 1 Size: XS

  16. M***a

    Color: 7 Size: XL

  17. R***n


    Color: 7 Size: S

  18. D***n

    Excessive product quality, arrived in no time, less than two weeks, I asked for size m but I was wrong, for man it has to be bigger. I recommend this product and your seller.

    Color: 24 Size: M

  19. t***t

    Cheap and nice ..highly recommended

    Color: 13 Size: S

  20. J***z

    I expected them a little thicker, but they’re doing great.

    Color: 1 Size: XXL

  21. K***X

    I ordered the size s-on a very thin hand (a little presses (and in general cool sleeves, quite dense

    Color: 11 Size: S

  22. d***d

    Arrived in 2 weeks, the goods in integrity and preservation. quality is good. thank you very much

    Color: 18 Size: XL

  23. e***o

    Very Good. shame came less than expected there to woman did not.
    But is very good

    Color: 7 Size: XXL

  24. P***m

    All compatible with description, recommend

    Color: 7 Size: S

  25. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 5 Size: XS

  26. E***a

    Loved the product is Lycra and great for the cold and heat.

    Color: 7 Size: L

  27. A***z

    Color: 8 Size: S

  28. K***s

    All ok.

    Color: 1 Size: XS

  29. F***z

    I haven’t opened it, because it’s for a gift, but apparently it’s as indicated.

    Color: 22 Size: XS

  30. D***o

    Color: 7 Size: XS

  31. A***z

    Color: 2 Size: XS

  32. M***o

    He sent me a higher size, but I got my money back, so all right.

    Color: 6 Size: XXL

  33. V***a

    Very fast shipping that if I indicate that they always buy a bigger size than they think!

    Color: 7 Size: M

  34. Bridal Shopper

    long delivery time

    Color: 4 Size: XS

  35. M***l

    Super, super…Thank you.

    Color: 7 Size: XXL

  36. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 14 Size: L

  37. A***k

    Quality is good, by 180 cm weight 71 size m. It came well, but the following I will try L. medium-density Fabric. it came quickly 3-4 weeks.

    Color: 6 Size: M

  38. M***z

    Color: 7 Size: M

  39. j***z

    Color: 10 Size: L

  40. B***i

    Color: 7 Size: L

  41. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 13 Size: L

  42. E***r

    Color: 7 Size: XL

  43. c***a

    Color: 1 Size: M

  44. V***u

    Color: 21 Size: L

  45. A***p

    Color: 7 Size: M

  46. J***r

    Color: 7 Size: L

  47. P***z

    Product equal to description, they are beautiful, highly recommended I arrive in 2 weeks

    Color: 6 Size: 3XL

  48. f***s

    Very fast, highly recommended quality item

    Color: 9 Size: M

  49. B***t

    Color: 7 Size: L

  50. Bridal Shopper

    Item arrived as described and within the time predicted. Thank you! T

    Color: 13 Size: L

  51. d***a

    Just as it looks in the pictures.

    Color: 18 Size: XXL

  52. Bridal Shopper

    no lycra and no non slip silicone strip on the black one. i was very dissapointed when i got it out of the bag.

    Color: 1 Size: XS

  53. Bridal Shopper

    Equal to the picture! The color is fidelity as show and the quality is great!
    My wife was happy with this!
    I recommend this product and vendor!

    Color: 7 Size: L

  54. J***a


    Color: 16 Size: XS

  55. T***s

    Everything as planned

    Color: 11 Size: M

  56. O***a

    Corresponds to the description and size. All OK.

    Color: 1 Size: S

  57. P***a

    Color: 7 Size: XL

  58. H***i

    Color: 1 Size: M

  59. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 12 Size: XL

  60. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 7 Size: XS

  61. t***t

    Color: 12 Size: M

  62. M***p

    Excellent quality, good packaging and safe. Very nice. The design is equal to that of photography, same colors. Delivery time was fast.

    Color: 7 Size: M

  63. R***k

    Color: 7 Size: L

  64. a***i

    Color: 7 Size: S

  65. A***r

    Color: 22 Size: XL

  66. M***k


    Color: 1 Size: XXL

  67. S***n

    They’re a little big.

    Color: 14 Size: XS

  68. M***t

    Good quality price

    Color: 11 Size: M

  69. F***e

    Good material!

    Color: 16 Size: M

  70. b***b

    Dressed for the first time the seams on the right hand, I demand a return of money

    Color: 1 Size: XS

  71. J***n

    product not received.

    Color: 24 Size: M

  72. p***a

    Color: 17 Size: L

  73. J***n

    product not received

    Color: 11 Size: M

  74. I***o

    Color: 22 Size: L

  75. G***s

    Color: 5 Size: M

  76. S***p

    Color: 24 Size: XXL

  77. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 7 Size: 3XL

  78. T***t

    Color: 7 Size: M

  79. Bridal Shopper

    Top this product I recommend

    Color: 24 Size: XXL

  80. A***o

    Good item and good quality material, I should have taken large though. Recommended seller!

    Color: 23 Size: S

  81. Bridal Shopper

    Top recommend this product.

    Color: 17 Size: XXL

  82. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 2 Size: L

  83. M***a

    Color: 7 Size: M

  84. J***t

    Color: 24 Size: XL

  85. p***y

    feels good on arm.

    Color: 19 Size: L

  86. p***y

    great for old elbow pain.

    Color: 17 Size: L

  87. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 1 Size: M

  88. s***s

    Color: 10 Size: L

  89. R***r

    Size M in fact is not enough. He approached his son very thin.

    Color: 14 Size: M

  90. I***i

    Color: 7 Size: M

  91. A***s

    They’re fine.

    Color: 1 Size: XL

  92. V***s

    Excellent product! Note 10!!

    Color: 20 Size: XXL

  93. R***h


    Color: 24 Size: 3XL

  94. V***s

    Color: 7 Size: M

  95. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 22 Size: L

  96. M***t

    Fast shipping, it took 12 days to arrive. It’s the seconds I ask, just like the description.

    Color: 1 Size: M

  97. A***r


    Color: 1 Size: L

  98. R***e


    Color: 7 Size: M

  99. j***s

    Color: 20 Size: L

  100. a***a

    Color: 7 Size: XS

  101. s***l

    Color: 5 Size: XXL

  102. a***a

    Very nice same as the photo

    Color: 7 Size: S

  103. a***l

    Color: 11 Size: M

  104. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 19 Size: XL

  105. p***p

    Color: 24 Size: XL

  106. c***a

    Color: 6 Size: S

  107. T***e

    Good quality, the material seems to be stretchy and durable. I gave those sleeves to my sister who is a runner and she is satisfied with this product. Good solution for a training – you can just put this on instead of wearing a jacket when the weather is not too cold. Small and usefull item.

    Color: 7 Size: M

  108. A***v

    Color: 11 Size: XL

  109. W***R

    Not received the product, or the money back still

    Color: 7 Size: S

  110. T***r

    Color: 8 Size: XXL

  111. A***p

    nice. But the sawing is not that good.

    It takes 66days to arrive.

    Color: 16 Size: S

  112. P***m

    Shipment dotarła after two weeks. All OK.

    Color: 17 Size: M

  113. Bridal Shopper

    very comfy and warm, good quality

    Color: 7 Size: S

  114. V***s

    Color: 7 Size: S

  115. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 1 Size: S

  116. P***m

    Color: 23 Size: M

  117. D***r

    Color: 1 Size: L

  118. A***k

    Color: 4 Size: M

  119. D***o

    Very elastic I bought 2 sizes and 2 are worth me

    Color: 1 Size: M

  120. o***a


    Color: 19 Size: L

  121. D***o

    Very elastic I bought 2 sizes and I do well 2

    Color: 1 Size: S

  122. N***s

    Color: 7 Size: M

  123. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 19 Size: S

  124. M***z

    Color: 22 Size: M

  125. M***c


    Color: 20 Size: 3XL

  126. N***s

    good quality but
    too big for me,need one size smaller

    Color: 20 Size: M

  127. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 19 Size: XL

  128. o***i

    nice but all are same size no different between xxl and 3xl

    Color: 1 Size: 3XL

  129. M***k

    Recommend!!! Super Grade I pretty slim hand and sleeves well Sie hold

    Color: 7 Size: S

  130. o***i


    Color: 1 Size: XXL

  131. a***s

    Color: 24 Size: M

  132. R***r

    Color: 19 Size: XXL

  133. Bridal Shopper

    Color: 3 Size: XL

  134. g***r

    Color: 1 Size: M

  135. C***a

    Color: 7 Size: M

  136. j***y

    Color: 11 Size: L

  137. j***z

    Color: 11 Size: L

  138. B***m

    Color: 7 Size: M

  139. Bridal Shopper


    Color: 7 Size: L

  140. S***v

    Color: 22 Size: M

  141. J***r

    Color: 22 Size: M

  142. P***s

    Color: 14 Size: XL

  143. I***a

    Color: 7 Size: M

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