Synthetic Elastic Band Hair Bun Straight Updo Hair...

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  • T1B/613
  • Natural Color
  • 1B/30HL
  • 1B/27HL
  • 4/27HL
  • 4/30HL
  • NC/4HL
  • T4/27/30
  • T1B/4/30
  • T27/30/4
  • #35
  • #144
  • P1B/27
  • P2/613
  • P4/27
  • P4/30
  • P12/613
  • P18/22
  • P18/613
  • Bug
  • T1B/350
  • T1B/Red
  • T1/27
  • T1/35
  • Ombre
  • T1B/27
  • T1B/30
  • T1B/33
  • T1B/Burgundy
  • T1B/33/27
  • T1B/4/27
  • #1
  • #1B
  • #2
  • #3
  • #4
  • #5
  • #6
  • #8
  • #10
  • #12
  • #14
  • #16
  • #17
  • #18
  • #22
  • #24
  • #26
  • #27
  • #30
  • #31
  • #33
  • P6/613
  • Jet-black
  • Red

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Synthetic Messy Hair Bun With Elastic band Scrunchies Donut High Temperture Fiber Natural Fake Hair

1) Style:Hair Bun Scrunchie

2) Material:Synthetic High Temperture Fiber

3) Texture: Curly

4) Color: Black Brown Red Blonde Grey,More Colors Can Be Choose

5) If there are other requirements and more quantities, please contact us We have strict production procedures and can provide high-quality products Our hair is very dense, the color is natural, soft and easy to wear, let you easily become beautiful The material of our hair is synthetic high temperture fiber, which can be straightened or curled, and can also be washed and cured,Can easily make the hairstyle you want



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T1B/613, Natural Color, 1B/30HL, 1B/27HL, 4/27HL, 4/30HL, NC/4HL, T4/27/30, T1B/4/30, T27/30/4, #35, #144, P1B/27, P2/613, P4/27, P4/30, P12/613, P18/22, P18/613, Bug, T1B/350, T1B/Red, T1/27, T1/35, Ombre, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33, T1B/Burgundy, T1B/33/27, T1B/4/27, #1, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #17, #18, #22, #24, #26, #27, #30, #31, #33, P6/613, Jet-black, Red

Material Grade

High Temperature Fiber

Can Be Permed



Rubber Hair Band

Color Type

Pure Color


Curly hair


Scrunchies Hair Bun

Be Applicable

Hair Pieces For Women


Synthetic Hair

20 reviews for Synthetic Elastic Band Hair Bun Straight Updo Hair...

  1. Shante Dezern

    It’s my same hair color.

  2. Carla Poole

  3. Devon Huntoon

  4. Verline Cordon

    I absolutely love everything as description advice seller

  5. Craig Piro

    Great Tail!!! the product and the seller I recommend. delivery to Belarus month.

  6. Speranzio Bartolone

  7. Moriya Masanobu

    In the photo, hair with lightened strands, in fact, there is almost no difference between the “roots” and the tips. But the gum is rich, it came quickly

  8. Antonio Levine

    The elastic came very quickly. Thank you, the color approached, this is the option when the head is not washed or once. Recommend!

  9. Joseph Garreau

    In Mogilev came for a month. With color did not guess. Look like real hair.

  10. Isadora Heer

    Cool rubber band, approached the color of the hair. I have not yet adjusted how to wear it, it should look attractive. It looks natural.

  11. Enrique Lutz

    For 2 weeks it went to the Moscow region, thanks, the color approached

  12. Ellie Julius

    Good quality, fast delivery

  13. Chae Jiang

    Excellent! What I waited, then I got it!

  14. Samirah Hood

    Hair is very much, look natural, to the touch of the norms too, do not climb, are calculated well, but of course, all manipulations with them should be done neatly. I have curly hair and make a hairstyle where my hair will not be visible, or curling naturally, very difficult. But that’s my shit. Although, turning around, I think I will fit, I will make a tail from above at the top of the top, who can see what I have. In the photo her hair was twisted. About the color-my lighter, in one photo exactly can see this difference. But from the outside look I think it will be natural (maybe I have the ends dyed) yet, this rubber band is made as if everything stuck in different directions, a special artistic mess that from the outside and you will not understand, what’s on your head and how it’s twisted. The only thing, I probably prefer to walk with her indoors or in windless weather, forming hair in advance, securing hairpins to look natural. On straight and darker hair will be just great!

  15. Lakisha Mullenix

    Cool piece

  16. Wendelin Jonas

    My color exactly. Really good from the distance and price. If you touch it its not exactly silk.

  17. Alfonso Villapol

    Bought two pieces.
    Came to Russia in 10 days, which was very pleased.
    I haven’t used it yet.
    It’s a little broken.
    Shop recommend.

  18. Diedra Spath

    Very weak elastic band, almost does not hold

  19. Iside Casaletto

  20. Wendi Raver

    I will buy it again! I love it! and looks so natural

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