13cm Foam Cutter Pen 24W 110V-240V Electric Foam Polystyrene Cutting Machine

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There are two models, pay attention to purchase according to your needs

25W 13cm

15W 10cm





- The heater tube is acerose, stainless steel material is not easy to rust


- Designed to help you cut polystyrene foam and similar material much easier!


- Start to cut foam anywhere of the foam board.


- Easy to cut art ad curve of foam.


- Heat up quickly, the tube will be 200°C within 10 seconds.




How to use




1. Turn on the power,  the cutter will be 200°C within 15 seconds.


2. After 10-15s heating, cutter with high temperature, turn off the power, you can use it and cut the foam. (Note: When you use the foam cutter to work, the power is off).


3. When the temperature cools down, the cutter stop work. And then you can turn on the power again, it will heating again.


4. Step 1/2/3 repeat.


Note: Please take care off and avoid burn.








Type: Foam Cutter (with EU/US/UK transformer adaptor)


Material: Stainless Steel  


The Heater Tube Diameter: 2mm  


Working Power: 25W  


Electronic Adaptor Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz  


Electronic Adaptor Output: DC6V/2.5A  


Size: 235*20*20mm  




Package Included:




1 x Foam Cutter Knife





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